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Welcome to the World of Cahoots Photobooth

The perfect addition to any event.

Our photo booths were designed with you and your guests in mind.
That are simple to use and hours of fun.

1. Do you need a deposit to reserve the photo booth? Yes. We require a $100.00 deposit to reserve your event. The remaining balance is due at least 30 days prior to the event.

2. I don't live in Charleston but I'm having my event there. How do I book you? EASY! Just contact us and we can email you a contract along with sample images. We will go over everything with you in detail and handle all the arrangements. It's easier than you think.

3. Does the rental price include set up and delivery or is that extra?
Our rental charge includes delivery, set up, breakdown, the on site attendant, etc. There is no extra fee. EVER!

4. What areas do you cover? We are based in Mount Pleasant, SC. Just across the bridge from Charleston and we service the Charleston area and beyond. It's not uncommon for us to travel to surrounding cities like Myrtle Beach, Beaufort, Hilton Head, Savannah, Columbia and even Charlotte. We cover all of South Carolina and the surrounding states.


5. Why are your rates less expensive when your photo booth seems to be nicer? Because we created our booths for you. We would rather make less and have happier customers. This in no
way means we sacrificed quality. You'll notice our booths look more modern and elegant than other companies. Also, our high quality cameras, lighting, and printers produce detailed, vibrant and clear photos. When people are saying how much fun they had in your photo booth, you will be proud to recommend us to all of your family and friends.


6. Is there an attendant with the photo booth for the entire time? Yes. Our professional and friendly attendants stay with the photo booth to ensure it works properly and assist guests with any questions.


7. How long does it take to set up the photo booth? It usually takes about 30 minutes to an hour. We arrive at least 1 hour early to make sure there is plenty of time. It will be up and running before your first guest arrives.

8. Can you do strips or different print layouts? Yes. Please contact us directly so that we can customize your booth to your specific needs.


9. Do I get to keep the images from the photo booth after the event? Yes! They are yours to do whatever you wish. A CD will be shipped to you 1 week after your event. It will have each individual photo taken AND images of every photo strip printed.


10. Is there a limit to how many photos can be taken at my party? Absolutely not! Please take as many as you'd like. It's unlimited!

11. Can I choose what the message says on the bottom of the prints? Absolutely! When we book your event we'll ask you what you would like the bottom of the prints to say. Our graphic designer will design a "logo" and we'll send it to you prior to the event to make sure you like it.


12. What if someone takes an inappropriate picture? We review the pictures before putting them on CD for you. All inapropriate photos will be deleted.

13. How many people can fit in the photo booth? Well, it depends on the size of the people! So far the record is 17 adults but we're always looking to break that record!

14. How big is your photo booth? The booths stand 6 feet high, 3 feet wide and 5 feet long.


15. Do you need anything from me on the day of the event? NO! We take care of everything! We just want you and your guests to have fun!

16. Are there any discounts? Yes! Reserve our sister company Ascend Entertainment for your party. We can custom build you a package and you can save even more $$$$$.